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By creating amazing training courses that keep you engaged.

Creating the most fun and accessible online training courses.

 Did you know that we create all of our content in-house? Researching, writing, editing, directing, photography, animation and translation, the passionate members of our Content team do it all. This team of creative specialists combine their talents to create kick-ass training courses that help thousands upon thousands of students learn. Though they all look very laid-back and always up for some fun, these professionals are true perfectionists who care about quality above anything else. It’s that combination of fun and quality which makes our courses so great!

Educational Team.

Searching for the great minds behind our training courses? Look no further! Our Educational team is responsible for the educational side of our training courses. In other words, the editors, educational designers and writers in this team work together to make sure our students learn something from our courses. As they say, great work requires great teamwork. That’s why we also gather knowledge from experts all over the world. Only the best content is good enough for the perfectionists in our educational team.

Creative Team.

Photographs, animations and videos, our team of creatives is involved in everything regarding the look and feel of our training courses. And by that, we mean everything. The course icon? Check! The images in our magazines? Yes! The video in which a presenter tells you more about the content of our course? Yes! These creative minds keep surprising us with their talents We believe that appearance does matter!

Team Translations.

Did you know that all of our courses are localised by local word wizards? Well, now you know. At GoodHabitz, we believe in authenticity. That’s why every course we create is adjusted to the culture, humour and customs of the countries it will be published in. Our translators and their team leads do a tremendous job! It’s these local experts who make sure each course in our library has that unique GoodHabitz feeling because, after all, smiles speak in all languages.

Team Innovation.

How do people want to develop themselves? How can we make learning as fun as going to the cinema? And how can we improve our learning methods to fit these needs? These questions are at the heart of our Innovation team. The inspiring, creative and future-oriented professionals in this team research the latest trends in learning and make sure these are applied in our online courses. They improve and create learning methods that keep you engaged and bring back the fun in learning.

Moments Team.

One moment can change your life. No team will agree with that more than our own Moments team. This team of specialists creates short documentaries that move you. Our camera team shoots content that’s both inspiring and touching because these creatives capture real, life-changing stories with people from all over the world. And the best thing is that these stories fit perfectly with the topics in our online training courses. Win-win! 

Team Assesments.

Speaking of innovation, our Assessments team is working on something completely new! The name of the team already is a very big hint. But we’re not going to spoil the surprise of our new product just yet! What we can say is that this team consists of ambitious, entrepreneurial types who can handle a lot of ambiguity. The upside is that the jobs in this team are all about creativity, flexibility and working towards a clear goal. Sounds like fun, right?

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