We’re here to solve Learning & Development issues.

With a little help of our amazing product of course.

Helping as many employees as possible to grow.

Our team should be called ‘problem-solvers’, instead of Sales, because that’s what we do. We help organisations fix their known - and unknown - issues in HR or L&D through online learning. By doing this, we make sure as many employees as possible get the opportunity to develop themselves, which is GoodHabitz’ main goal, in the end. Our team consists of an international, results-focused and fun group in three different roles - on which there’s more information below! Did you close a great deal or help a client achieve success with online learning? Pop that champagne, turn up the music and we’ll celebrate with you!


Overflowing agendas for our account managers, that’s what our online learning consultants fix. These smooth-talkers know how exactly how to warm up potential clients, to the point that they can’t wait to get started. And that’s just in one phone call! Targets? Online learning consultants eat them for breakfast. They’re not afraid of cold acquisition and have excellent networking skills. Setbacks don’t discourage them - just the opposite! They mean a bigger celebration when a plan finally comes together. After all, that’s what online learning consultants love most: results. 

Account Manager.

To sell means to score, if you’re an account manager at GoodHabitz. These storytellers know exactly how to inspire, pitch and present GoodHabitz so potential clients feel the urge to sign off on our product right away. But don’t be fooled by the targets that they crush. It takes a goal-oriented focus and perseverance to perform like a boss in this job. Luckily, the great team spirit and shared passion for sales are great motivators. Keep an eye out for these tigers because there is no better party than a sales party (after closing a big deal).


Energetic, passionate and bursting with inspiration. That’s the best way to describe our coaches. These customer success managers are reliable conversation partners who help our clients to implement GoodHabitz in their organisations. In addition to that, they think along on a strategic level and empower clients to build a learning culture. Increasing our customer satisfaction and retention is what gets coaches out of bed. After all, building trustful and long-lasting relationships with clients is how our coaches inspire as many employees as possible to grow with fun and ease. 

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