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Are you wondering what our HR, Finance and Legal Risk & Compliance teams have in common? Easy! They all go to the limit for a happy, secure and smooth-running working environment. Need an accurate, trustworthy and stress-resistant colleague to help you? These departments are your go-to place! We could even say that these teams together form the backbone of our entire organisation. However, the other teams might get jealous, so let’s leave it here.

Human Resources.

From practical information on your employment agreement to recruiting the right talent to help our organisation grow and all things in between, our HR heroes do everything in their power to keep our working environment healthy and our employees happy. These interpersonally sensitive and accurate multitaskers will make you feel right at home from day one.


Love spreadsheets, budgeting and financial data? Our Finance team will welcome you with open arms. Just kidding - we are very aware that there’s a lot more to it than that. The number-crunchers in this department are on top of all financial processes. We even dare to say this lean-and-mean administrative machine is the most trustworthy, consistent and stress-resistant team within GoodHabitz. 

Legal, Risk & Compliance.

You might not notice it at first glance, but these people are true bodyguards. They protect the reputation of our firm and our people. By keeping track and living up to the ever-changing rules and regulations, these heroes make sure (y)our data is safe from prying eyes. And they do all of this with passion and care, even if it means continuously chasing all other teams!

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