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Creating the most likable online learning platform.

That’s what we aim to achieve as a marketing team. The team consists of a bunch of international, creative, performance-driven and ambitious people, all with a passion for their own marketing speciality. Though we are all focused on different parts of the marketing funnel, we have one thing in common: we love growth, from growth in email opens to growth in leads and from ascending downloads of our content to personal growth. By combining our talents and strengths, we contribute to each other’s development and to the overall growth of GoodHabitz. 


Driving growth across all aspects of GoodHabitz is the main goal of the Strategy team. Everyone in the Strategy team is focused on growth within their own speciality, from content to paid media and with lead gen, email and event strategies. We all work together to build a smooth-running marketing machine that our prospects can’t resist.


Whether it’s graphic design, video, web design and motion graphics, our Studio team breathes creativity. It’s these professionals who put everything we do in that recognisable, bright and colourful GoodHabitz jacket. Starting with a great concept all the way through a Picasso-like execution, our studio has all the (super)power(s)!

Field Marketing.

Each country has its own customs and culture. Luckily, we have field marketeers who are perfectly acquainted with the local flavours. These marketing specialists are the eyes, ears and masterminds for local marketing strategies and campaigns. Every country has its own specialist to realise growth and make GoodHabitz into a beloved local brand.

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